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The History of the Tattoo Machine

By Solongtattoo | 30 December 2017 | 6273 Comments
The History of the Tattoo Machine, we should learn the tattoo machine history
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New Temporary tattoo Ink

By solongtattoo | 29 January 2018 | 5880 Comments
Now temporary tattoos have been around the world for a long time, but as any inking enthusiast would agree, they're nothing compared to the real deal. And yet, there are some times when tattoos don't end up like you wanted them to, or you just get bored with them later. In such cases, getting a tattoo removed involves laser treatments that are both expensive and painful. But not anymore. It might soon be possible to temporarily get a permanent tattoo, thanks to this new type of tattoo ink develo
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By solongtattoo | 29 January 2018 | 6586 Comments
Practice makes perfect and the same is true in the world of tattooing. Rookies in the industry can use tattoo practice skin to learn tattoo techniques and get a better feel for what it'll be like to tattoo a person before they actually touch real skin. Veterans can also use practice skin to try out new techniques.
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